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Introducing the Webcall Mobile Extension (WebcallME) app – a unique service which not only lets you save on cell phone costs, but also enables you to intergrate your mobile phone into your business. The WebcallME app has a multitude of applications:

  • Do you wish you could reduce the costs of you and your staff's mobile phone accounts and manage costs better?
  • Do you have contacts overseas that you wish you could call inexpensively from your cell phone?
  • Does copper cable theft or unreliable telephone services cause you frustration? WebcallME allows you to keep your landline numbers, and have all calls routed to your Cellphone.
  • Are you running a micro business and wish you could afford a telephone system? With Webcall ME, you can get features such as call routing, auto-attendant, after hours messaging, voicemail to email and more.

The WebcallME is an easy-to-use app that allows you to take advantage of great call rates on your mobile device, without the need for a quality data connection. The service initiates the call you wish to make from Webcall’s sophisticated servers, making a call to your cell phone and to the 3rd party. The cost of the call is covered by your WebcallME account rather than your mobile account. In other words, the Webcall servers initiate a 2 way call to you and to the third party that you selected.

The service can be enhanced with Webcall’s powerful, yet low cost cloud PABX service add-on options, enabling you to keep tabs on your calls, offer advanced call routing features and give your business a professional advantage.

What are the WebcallME App key features?

  • Save as much as 70% on your phone calls (network and destination dependant)
  • Works with all South African Mobile providers (optimally call rates with MTN and Vodacom)
  • Calls are made via the standard cell phone GSM network - doesn’t rely on unstable 3G data connections and will work even in rural areas (GSM coverage must be available)
  • Browse and call contacts saved in your contact list
  • View your mobile extention call history directly through the app
  • Negligible impact on your phone’s performance
  • Available for iPhone and Android smart phones

The Webcall ME app is free to download from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store:


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